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Talk nerdy to me

Age of the geek, baby. We rule the world.

19 August 1987

Hi, I'm Chiara. I am a 23-year-old geeky girl who's addicted to tv shows and just moved to London to follow her dreams. Right now I am quite obsessed with Friday Night Lights and Criminal Minds, but I also watch many more.

My journal is mostly public right now, but it used to be friends only I still lock some more personal entries. If you'd like to be friends, just come here and drop me a line.

Oh, by the way, I used to be xkelorosiamano.

credits // fanfictions // picspams

Stamped as Spencer Reid @ cminds_ratings.

Member of Team JJ @ crimeland.

Member of Team Crime @ fandomland.
Supervisory Special Agent of the Perv Division
& Resident Door Kicker
& Official Typo Picker-Upper.